We all enjoy a refreshing, crisp fresh-air feel, like opening a window in the spring or cool summer night. However, this is not always possible in the smouldering summer heat or the deadly freezing winters in Ontario, so this is why we recommend an HRV system. An HRV system is a “Heat Recovery Ventilator.” It acts both as a humidity control as well as your home’s ventilation system.
In plain words, it helps your house to breathe.

  • Newer Homes Doesn’t Mean Better Ventilation: Home Builds’ Evolution Improved So Much Through Quality Insulation And Better Seals That They Have Become Airtight. As A Result, There Is Less Ventilation Than Older Homes With Natural Airflow, Which Reduces The Natural Exchange Of Stale Indoor Air With Fresh Outside Air, Synthetic Materials, And Many Of Which Off-gas Potentially Harmful Chemicals Are Much More Common In New Houses.
  • How It Works: Modern Heating Systems Bring In And Vent Out Less Air Contributing Far Less To The Ventilation Of Houses. Older Renovated Homes Can Have Similar Problems. Hrv Systems Are Energy-efficient Systems That Pull Work By Drawing The Damp, Mouldy Or Stuffy Air In Your Home While Concurrently Replacing It With Fresh Air From Outside Of Your Household. As The Two Currents Of The Airstream Cross Paths, A Heat Transfer Develops In The Middle Of Them. After The Heat Transfer, The Damp, Mouldy Or Stuffy Air From Inside Your Home Is Now Cooler And Sent Outside, And The Fresh Air Is Now Warmer And Supplied To The House.
  • Energy-efficient Solutions: What Makes It Unique And Energy Efficient Is That It Uses Heat Transfer To Ensure That The House’s Air Is Comfortable. Another Benefit Is That It Saves Stress On Your Furnace And A/c And Ultimately Saves You Money. Hrv Systems Improve Air Quality, Removes Moisture (Which Creates Mould), Condensation And Allergens Such As Pollen.
  • Cleaning Suggestions: Dust Filter And Rinse With Plain Water Every Three (3) Months. Rinse Core With Plain Water Every Six (6) Months. Check And Wipe Dust & Debris From Drains At The Unit’s Bottom Every Time It Is Open.